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When in flight deck mode ready for take off and when flying the mouse pointer flickers so fast its impos to locate switches etc.this only happens on the flight all other situations in fl/sim2004 menues etc all is fine
I have replaced ,mouse, graphics card, increased ram by 1 gig,replaced disk 4, reloaded all software, all there is left to do is replace the joystick,
at the moment I am using a cyborg 3d gold.g,carg is a gforcexfx 6600
can anyone help its driving me nuts

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Ensure that you have Direct X (9.0c).
Update Windows.
Check your mouse properties for any incorrect or conflicting settings.
Unplug all joy stick and other devices.
Disconnect the keyboard to see what happens.

Go to Device manager, click on mouse, properties, Advanced settings, uncheck-Fast Initialization.

That's strange that it only happens in the cockpit. I would say to reinstall FS and reinstall you mouse but you've done that. May have to reinstall Windows, if you haven't already.😕

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Thanks for all your help. prob solved- has instructed went to desk top settings-advanced-troubleshooter-hardware excelarator, instructed to move setting two stopes to left, I was already on this setting ,so I moved to full setting now all is fine.
Best regards to all.

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Thanks for let us know and welcome to Fly Away. ❗

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Welcome to the forums tondav3137! 🍻

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