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Hi Guys,

I am getting very confused here. How do you guys fly IFR in FS2004?

The way I do it is this,

I start FS 2004. Click on flight planner, choose my departure airport and gate and choose my arrival airport. Then I click on IFR and then save the plan.

Then I choose my type of aircraft(normally 747,767,777 or A340). Then select real weather and date and time.

Finally click on fly now and find myself on the depature gate. Then I start to program my FMC. But this is where I get confused. The FMC does not always correspond to the IFR plan given by FS2004.

So what do I do? Does the ATC follow the plan of the FS 2004 or the plan you input into the FMC?

Because as far as I know, if you dont follow the plan set by the ATC(which I assume is whatever FS2004 chooses), then they will cancel the IFR plan while I am still flying.

Any ideas? I just want to know how everyone flies IFR.


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I use FSNavigator for my flight plans and then export them into my FMC and the flight plans do differ from the one FS generates.

This means that you cant use ATC during your flights as it take no notice of your FMC Crying or Very sad

Someone else on here may have a solution to this problem.

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Radar Contact 4 reconizes SID's and STAR's.

Though what ever plan you make in FS9's planner OR FS Navigator (which for the life of me I CANNON figure out) you should be creating the SAME EXACT plan into the FMC.

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