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I have looked into PPL etc - but sadly for me it is just too damn expensive.....

Shame - there's a great school just a couple of miles from me (Gloucestershire Airport in the UK - which is actually named Staverton - if anyone wants to take a trip there sometime!) where I have had afew taster lessons.....

Greg - who might rethink in a year or two....but I need to know what the eyesight requirements are first.....I'm as blind as a bat without my lenses or specs, but have 20/20 with them.....

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Sorry - this post was meant to be in reply to SteveT's thread, but I guess I clicked something a bit wrong....

Is there a friendly Mod that can undo my mistake?

Sorry again.....

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I have started the theory for my PPL and am starting the practical in a few months. I also had the money problem so have opted to do it in Florida, America. The flight school I have found is a British run one, with British instructors (the owner is a former Captain for BMI), but it is situated in Florida. In the USA it is not uncommon to find PPL packages (including night licenses) for around £3000 (intensive 3 week course) which includes lessons, fuel, aircraft hire, unlimited ground school and accomodation. In the UK you are looking at around £6000 to train for your PPL.

As for eye sight, it has to be 20/20 corrective, so as far as I am aware, you can have the bottoms of milk bottles as glasses as long as you have 20/20 vision, so it shouldn't cause a problem.

Hoped that has helped 😉

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It actually only needs to 20/40 corrected for the PPL.

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