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The one thing that makes me smile the most!!

King flyer Guest

My yonger cousin who is 11 and my other cousins which are 7 and 12. The one thing that makes me smile is that my yonger cousins always call me dan the flyer and they love being with me. I ocasionly take them for a flight. They seem to look up to me becouse im a pilot. that does make me smile. They always ask to come round and come with me to the airfield. They now wish to become a pilot like me! That realy does make me smile.

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

Congratulations for this nice and sweet family story between you and the innocent young cousins-childs...but i have some difficulties to understand what makes you post it....Just for what it sais or you also want to tell us that you are a pilot.... ❓

Anyway congratulations for being a pilot and for your cousins that admire you.... 🙄

Dan the flyer Guest

Well i have passes ppl and i fly mostly on the weekends and thats when my cousins come russing round. I have found that my pilot training(ppl) was the most expesnsive part of my training. The intrument training cost alot less.

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CRJCapt Chief Captain

That's great Dan. Sometimes the smallest things can make us feel the best. I'm a big kid myself, I enjoy many little things in aviation. I still love to see a Cessna 172 fly by. 🙂

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Kareem El-Sadi (crosscheck9) Chief Captain

Well it's good to see that being a pilot doesn't just introduce us to the biggest part of the world 😉 -- In your case, it brought you closer to family, rather than away from it, as we all presume to be the case, in general, (at least i did 🙄 ) -- I'm very happy to hear that it has worked to your benefit 😉

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