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lately In order to run flight simulator 2004 smoothly, I have had to turn the sound off, because if i leave it on the frames will just seem cut.
And now when i run the game without sound is pretty smooth, when on, is just too annoying to play.
Can anyone advice me or give me a clue of what might be wrong... ?

thanks 😀

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1st thing is to check in the sound section of your Control panel
Click start,Control panel,Sounds and Audio devices.Have a look under Audio and make sure you are using the correct sound device(some programs can hijack this,TotalRecorder is one)
If its showing your sound card/chip,try reinstalling the drivers

Have you d/loaded any sounds and added them?Try removing them

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Sound also uses up memory, more than you think. You can put it on low in the settings section of the sim.
Tell us your computer specs.


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Well i have 1 GB RAM memory ,80 Gb hard disc, graphics card its an Ati Radeon 9550 windows Xp pro service pack 2 i dont know what else to specify

Thanks 🙂 😀

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CrashGordon Chief Captain

Your specs seem okay. Did you install any FS addons recently? Also, what programs are still running in the background when you run FS?

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I only leave Norton Antivirus ,and the joystick profiler which is a Saitek S52 which has to be running in order for the joystick to work.
Addons, only the update from microsoft games software page for FS.
I really have tried too many things i will keep searching what can be making conlifct with the sound
Thanks !

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

Try to lower your screen resolution a bit,and let us know.

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