How can I clean up the aircraft folder??

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I have been trying to add aircraft without success and I am now wondering if I should clean up that folder before I continue...

Would a uninstall the whole FS9 then reinstall work??

Is there a quick way to know what should be in there in the vanilla setup?

Thanks in advance..
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First of all, welcome to the forums! 🍻

Uninstall and re-install as you probably have installed gauges and effects as well. Start from the beginning. Follow all the instructions meticulously ➡

When you start installing add-ons, do one at a time and follow the instructions. If you get stuck, don't improvise, ask. Here is a preliminary set of instructions ➡

If this doesn't help, there are other ways. Ask! 😉

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Thanks for the good info.
My fustration level has been out of sight.
I see that most software types who make the nice additions also make some assumptions. 😉
Time to slow down, read a lot , reinstall and find out if I have a navel left.

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😂 You posted in the General form before (a no no) and I was typing an answer to it. When I hit reply you had deleted it and I had an error message. I laughed and went on.
Anyway here's the answer to the first post.
Try installing this first, it's very easy and will give you a better idea of how to do it.
By the way it's a very nice aircraft to fly low and slow, great engine sound. All of his aircraft are nice and most have been used for repainting by other designers, he's one of the best.
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My Computer is an icon on your desktop, double click on it.
Inside your main drive icon is "C".
Double click on that.
Look for a folder "Program Files".
Double click on that.
Look for a folder marked "Microsoft Games".
Double click on that.
Now you have a folder Flight Simulator.
Double click on that.
Laid out are all the simulator folders.
Follow the read-me that came with the aircraft.


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