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Dear Flight simmers,I have just started plans for building an rc plane.I've finished scetches(wich I will upload thursday,as soon as I get my new scanner),and tommorow I'm going to my local hobbyshop(a 4x4 meter box shop,the only in my city,not a gigantic one like in the usa)and I'll check out what I'll use.I'm making it completley out of scratch,and I estimate it'll take 2 weeks to a month to build.I've chosen to baptise it the X-113 xxxxxxx,I still need a nickname,please propose some.The only one I came up with was Bluebird,and I would have paited the whole thing in blue.I'll use balsa wood for the fueslage,and I'll have the engine over the main fueselage.The engine will be electric,and I'll only use two servos(micro engines,used to move the landing gear, flaps, ailerons, elevators, rudder, etc...)I'll use a three channel remote control(1 channel controls one servo)so two servos,and on engine.So far I'll only use a fixed landing
gear,but If the model is a success I'll upgrade to a pneumaticlly powered retractable landing gear. This is quite a project for a 12 1/2 year old kid who never ever build an rc plane before,but I'll put a lot of work into it.Wish me luck!I'll keep you all updated on my progress and tommorow i'll know what objet's I'll use. 😀

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its me liam Guest

try this website ive just found it 😉 😉 😂

by the way i would like to enter for the nickname of this beast you are planning.

star flyer. yes i know its rubbish but i just made it up on the spot Embarassed Embarassed 🙄 [/quote]

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Thanks for the site! I'll think about the nicknames.

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