Looking for one ofthe very first release of Flight Simulator

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Hi flying fellows,
I remember the very first release of Microsoft Flying Simulator was on 12" floppy disk 360ko on DOS, and already including a lot of details. I have no more drive for such size but I would appreciate if somebody had still a release on 1400Ko 3.5" diskettes. Do you think its a dream?
Thanks anyway.
Paris France

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I seem to recall that version 1.0 of MS FS was on a 5.25" diskette. In any event I no longer have it. Sorry.

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Well unfortunately i cant help but i would like to Welcome you to Fly Away. 👍 😉

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Here's a great site that preserves and celebrates the history of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Welcome to Flyaway. 🍻

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Thanks to everyone . I will enjoy the site CRJCapt gave.
There is there more than I expected!

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Welcome to Flyaway simgab 🍻

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Welcome to the forums, glad to have your here! 👍

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