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Hey guys I have been into photography for a couple years now and am hoping to get into aviation photography since I have a airbase right next to my house (Littarly) so can someone reccomend a good Digital Camera bellow $900?

thanks in advance
-Nick 😀

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Anything from Canon. 😉

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are you looking for an SLR or a nice point and shot? if your fairly advanced then get a nikon d50 or d70 those are two very nice cameras. i am saving my money right now to buy a d50 because ive outgrown my little canon sd.-400

nikon d50 with and 18-55mm kit lens, its supposed to be a great starter lens and this is what im getting soon,__8233716/search=nikon

and the d70 just had a price cut almost a week ago now.,__8255541/search=nikon

there are almost the same exact camers but the d70 has a few features that if you don't need or use then you get the d50. you can get both with the kit lens or not.

then for lenses. when im looking at pictures on sometimes people say what kind of lens they used for the shot and it seems that you would need at least a 300mm zoom lens. this is supposed to be a good and cheap zoom lens to have.

it has a pretty high f-stop rating but with both cameras you can just crank up the ISO speed to get pictures of moving things (airplanes) in focus. the d50's ISO speed isn't as high as the d70 but on the d50 it can go to the max without much added noise in the picture, but the d70 cant go to the max.

well i hope this helped you in someway if you have any other questions just ask me and ill gladly help you. also check this website for reviews on cameras

and remember when buying a camera make shure the store is an authorized seller, that way you get the full warrenty and everything, that goes with canon also.

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I'd recommend the Kodak Z740. It takes some great pics and is quire cheap. 😉

😀 😀

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