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Tonight I was doing a flight from London, England to Dublin, Ireland. Everything was going right to plan until my final into Dublin. I was lined up and everything, all the sudden, FS freezes then restarts. After it restarted my plane crashed into the runway. The reason this is here is because RadarMan posted a link to I think Drive Cleaner Heaven. I was what the link is and what exactly does it do.


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It cleans out all of the old driver and control panel so you have a clean install of the new drivers.

If your card is a few years old use older drivers, the newest ones may not work well.

Good luck with it and check for overheating, see if your fans, case and CPU are nice and clean.


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I 100% agree with RadarMan. ❗

Also sometimes some add-ons like texture or environment improvers can cause this kind of problems.
This happens close or over the airport because we have another parameter that push our systems.Its the ATC.
FS doesnt crash close to all airports because the texture complexity is different between them.You dont have the same textures to KJFK with LATI(Tirana-Albania)

A tip(not the best one...)is to lower a little the display settings,like clouds for example, at least when you are on final approach.This way you give a breath to your system.

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