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I love watching my landings on replay from all different views, like wing views, ground views, etc...

for obvious reasons, I can't look at these views while I'm flying, so I always view them in replay. However, I've noticed that replays create jagged movements and certain animations go missing. Included in these missing animations are aileron, rudder, elevator, and nosewheel movement.

It bothers me to watch my replay with no ailerons moving and jagged "box-like" movements of the aircraft.

does anyone know of anyway to fix this.. or is it simply something we'll have to look to microsoft to fix in FSX?

(those of you who will suggest fraps.. i have it already, thanks anyway :wink🙂

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I believe this is a bug in FS9. I have the same problem and I love watching the wing views on landing.

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Unfortunatly thats the way it is with fs replays,no traffic,no nothing.
I do not know of a fix
However all the ifdg aicraft show all animations execpt the nose wheel 😉

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Ryan Finn (pilotguy44) First Officer

really? that's odd becuase I landed an iFDG A319 just the other day and I got no aileron animations in the replay 😳 Dont Know

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Ryan Finn (pilotguy44) First Officer

ah!! found a solution to this problem!! look at my other post:


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