Trust no one

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Evil or Very Mad Thanks to the Censored who send out these Censored virus's
I keep my a/v software upto date but the Censored still got me Evil or Very Mad

Still on the bright side I've now got a nice new XP install,but to all you evil do'ers out there Censored off

Sorry Embarassed

Trust no one


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Download Ad-Aware and use it every day. I would suggest dumping all of your cookies, cache and history before using it so you don't get "false'" readings.

(Run the update feature to get the latest test results).

Use XP's firewall it's a huge help and of course run the AV each day to see if the machine is clean.

Sorry that had to happen, very discouraging, I'm tired of these jerks that write virus's and spyware.

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😕 Virus ?

How did You get that, through an E-mail with an attached file or what ?

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An essential tool is also "hijack this". AA misses quite a lot of these due to the protection all thos browser hijackers use.

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