What's wrong with the stupid PMDG again???

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The first time I bought the New Generation there was something wrong with some build or something, so I had to download an FSUIPC and replace it with the old one. Once I did it everything was fine... But now again, I want to install the same PMDG (because I obviously uninstalled it for some reason), I do the same thing with the FSUIPC (although this is an even newer version) but the PMDG is not working. The FS DOES start but once you select a PMDG Boeing from the list the FS blocks and you have to restart it.

I'm starting to experience my own wrath so please tell me what to do!!! ❗ ❓

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At the risk of offending someone, somewhere, installation programs that do not check the timestamp of a file before replacing it with an older version are badly written/configured.

That said, I don't recall having that problem with any PMDG aircraft and I have all of them.

Which PMDG aircraft and what version fsuipc.dll do you have?

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My guess is ASK PMDG about your problem.

And could you at least use a picture of Mr. Jackson from like the 80's?

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M FSUIPC.dll version is and I downloaded it from Peter Dowson's site. I tried to find the older version that worked before but it's not there. At least not on that site, and as far as I know, it's the only one.

I have PMDG 600/700. Is the 800/900 better?

I might just ask PMDG about the problem, but they might say there's something wrong with my FS or PC, 'cause I'm not doing anything wrong...

Anyway, I don't know about the other PMDG products but I'm not perfectly satisfied with the one I have. First of all, the right engine doesn't start up properly and I'm not the only one who noticed; then, when you switch to 2D side views the APU sound is gone; and they should have made a better 2D panel which would make the airplane feel more heavy, if you know what I mean... And also, when you switch to side views in flight, the airplane kind of twitches (especially when you look at the wing)...

As far as I'm concerned, Captain Sim is far more better! 😉


Search some MJ images online and I'm sure you'll find pics from the 80's. 😀

Hey, can anybody tell me if it's possible to resize a picture and make it smaller in your sig than it actually is?

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Well you really shouldn't put down PMDG like that. Maybe if you did get their 747 you could appreciate them more. There 737 is almost 2 years old now and yes, it is showing its age. Also the 800/900 series is much better. IMO I think that them and Carenado make the best FS products out on the market.

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