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Hi just bought and installed Commuter Airlines Eurowings Professional for FX 2004 b y derosoft.



when flying the BAE Avro Liner 146 models - all models - the engines cut out at 20,000 feet.

Climb to 19000 and it's fine, as soon as you pass 20k the engines shut down.

Any ideas.



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Don't go over 19,999 😀

Reminds me of the guy who goes to the doctor and says hey Doc, it hurts when I do this Fear and the doctor says...........................

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Yes but is it supposed to happen. Can the model only fly up to 20k? Does the real one only fly up to 20K? Does anyone know if I've got the settings wrong?

So Doctor, it may hurt when I bang my head. By why does it hurt. Explain what pain/nerves receptors, transmitters enauphins are etc etc.

Any ideas?

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While I'm not to certain about the answer to your problem, have you tried a more gradual climb, you might be climbing at to steep a rate.
Or your altimeter might need calibrating at this airport.

By the way the ceiling for the "real" aircraft is 24,000 foot (approx. 8,000 meters).


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I'll give it a try, thanks Radarman

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