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Rant:Seriously, how do you design a panel with NO COM RADIO!

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Argh, hey its me, and I'm frustrated again! Well for the second time I downloaded Samdim's An-148, plus forum design's texture's and his nicely redone panel. Good stuff, too bad Samdim only put Nav frequency's and ADF's on the panel, how the heck am I supposed to TUNE THE FREAKING COMM and put in my freaking TRANSPONDER!!!!!!!!!

Bah, I wouldn't care except the fact that I sold two planes to buy this dang thing in my FSPax and now I'll lose a nice chunk of change now that I have to sell it.

Not really mad at Samdim because he does some great work, just frustrated at myself for wasting my time on a slightly flawed design, especially for something so petty.

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Ryan Finn (pilotguy44) Captain

solotwo.. you can just add a radio from one of the default panels.

go into a default panel.cfg file and copy the "radio" section. then paste it into your AN-148 panel.cfg.. i've done it dozens of times when i either dont like the radios the aircraft includes or if they're buggy.

just make sure the window number next to the radio information matches the next available number in the panel.cfg for your an-148. Wink

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Yeah but it was like 3 in the morning and I was tired, I thought of that doing that but realized why I love payware. Smile

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glad you downloaded the stooof, but i too did eventually notice the lack of radio. there is a nice glen copeland gauge up to the task - he hasn;t made too many so it should be easy to find a sutiable one.

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Canyon (NoWorries) Captain

If you're playing with FSPax, no radio is no big deal...

press... C -then your freq, and your co-pilot automatically inputs's by far the best feature in FSPax.

As well, you have N for Nav, V for Velocity, M for BaroMetric Pressure, and A for Altitude.

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Unless you have Radar Contact like me and all the number's on the keyboard are assigned to that, which is the only fault of the program.

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As Hitch mentioned Glenn Copeland has a couple of gauges that will handle the job. The gauges can be mounted on the panel or in a seperate pop up window.

File Description:
FS2004 Gauge: Cockpit Commander. This 28-push button powerhouse will greatly simplify life in a busy cockpit. It uses a numeric pad to enter frequencies into Comm 1 and C2, Nav 1 and N2, and the ADF. It will set headings, course, altitude, VS, and IAS airspeed functions on the AP. Gauge contains an efficient layout for ATC responses for use during hectic IFR approaches because they are located on gauge by autopilot. Has K-key for quick "000" entry. Panel or separate window install.

FS2004 Gauge: ComGold Radio. This deluxe, state-of-the-art radio contains a full array of displays including active and standby frequencies for Com1, Com2, Nav1, Nav2, ADF1, and transponder code. Frequencies are entered directly into both active and standby memories of all radios using CG's numeric keypad. Values can be entered into the radios or transponder both automatically or manually. ID's of active nav frequencies are displayed if signal strength is sufficient. Signal strength is animated accurately using data based on numerous attenuation tests. Gauge provides automatic checking for erroneous data entry. Panel or window installation. Uses existing radio icon when replacing default radios.

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that's the badger. i installed the second one on my panel, fits right in.

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