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I looked through this board and couldn't find anything on the topic, so I apologize if this has been asked.

I just got FS2004. 2002 had a cool feature where ATC would talk to you and tell you how high you needed to be, airspeed, etc. I think they were under adventures. In 2004, I can't find this. I go to adventures and there is no ATC. When I select ATC, it just asks me to keep switching frequencies, etc.

Is there a way to have the realistic ATC?

Thanks so much.

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See if this help you.


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You can select a IFR flight where it tells you what altitude to fly and what heading to fly but I dont think it covers speed.

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Doyley is correct. If you want guidance from ATC, use the flight planner to create an IFR flight plan. When you start the flight, press ' to open the ATC window and request IFR clearance. When you take off, ATC will guide you. Speed is up to you, though.

Many of the flights that come packaged with FS09 have IFR flight plans associated, so when you start one of those, the IFR flight plan will already exist. Just click "Select a Flight" and scroll down to the "Modern" flights. Many of those have IFR flight plans. I suspect that these flights correspond to the "adventures" you mention.

Keep in mind that ATC may try to kill you from time to time, though. Evil or Very Mad 😂


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