747 with interior?

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alright im sure everyone knows of meljet's 777-200 which is a true work of art with its amazing detail and interior. I was wondering if theres any 747's with an interior like that with seats etc. 👍 Read Geek Hack

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sorry... the only one i know of is the PMDG 747, and only the upper deck has the virtual cabin.

i dont have any PMDG products.. but from what i've read it's worth every penny.

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Search for iFLY

They made a very decent 747, with VC, interiors, the works.

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Don't Meljet also make 747's aswell as 777's?


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Ryan Finn (pilotguy44) First Officer

thanks you bindolaf!! that iFLY 747-400 is incredible. by far the best freeware 747 out there. 90% of the controls in the VC are clickable.. and there's a complete virtual cabin. the cockpit even has a working FMC!!

thanks for the tip bindolaf 👍
..i highly recommend this 747 brownbox

here's the iFLY 747-400 download link, for the rest of you:

and you might want the virtual cockpit carpet fix.. if fixes the carpet color
here's that link:

...and to 99jolegg's comment... yes meljet makes 747s also, and it's a pretty nice freeware model... but threre's no virtual cockpit or cabin.. to my knowledge anyway.


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