a diamond star?

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is there a good one out there? i'm fascinated by this plane as i have been for a long time, but i still haven't had a nice one. the idea of cruising at 150knots on only 5gallons an hour while looking damn cool AND being from austria sort of suits me you know Wink

i've tried the premier aircraft one but that is old and...awful

the abacus one (surprisingly) has good points but the model isn't smooth (it's all bumpy), the textures are on the whole pretty crap and low res. the photoreal 2d panel looks crap, but when in vc it's not bad. the flight modelling is a bit poo too (requires 90knots for rotation!)

i found another freeware one that you are able to open up and look at the engine, it isn't really that good though.

has anyone seen a payware or freeware one around that isn;t dated and poo?

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