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Kareem El-Sadi (crosscheck9) Chief Captain

Aha - I bet you thought this was a discriminatory post, but its not, hehe - This one actually is only related to the men.

I seem to have a probelm w/ shaving (I bet women wouldn't be able to give me advice from experience. . .at least I hope not 😳 ). I keep going for the cleanest shave, but I have a tendancy to cut myself everytime. I can't get a clean shave without a cut, and honestly, it BURNS!! -- I go over the same spot a few times, but only to eliminate the little bristles that remain. Be advised I'm just a teenager in my prime, and I figured I'd turn to the veterans for advice 😉 -- Thanks guys.

Now, got to go put some of the aftershave on......OUCH! 😀

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Kareem El-Sadi (crosscheck9) Chief Captain

Oh, by the way, I made a post on this a while back, when I wasn't a member, and I got some good advice, but I thought I'd let you know one thing.

Keeping a beard on me like planting rose in the Sahara -- it just doesn't fit. You see, I'm more of a blondie, with fair skin, and a dark beard, just makes me look dirty 🙄

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Make sure you use a decent razor for starters. I found that the more expensive, the better the razor generally. Most good razors now have a strip of moisturising tape that is activated by water which makes it nice 'n' smooth. Make sure you find some good shaving foam as well and use that each time.

Start shaving with the grain, and then once you have done that and you want a closer shave, then go against the grain or the hair.


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lenin Captain

Are you putting on enough foam or gel?

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Canyon (NoWorries) Captain

I'm like you most of the time, I'm terrible at shaving...I always think that I should be able to go quick with just hot water, but I usually end up doing a bad job.

The only good way to do it is with gel or shaving cream...I haven't found any that are better or worse than any of the others.

One thing I have found that really makes a difference is to shave before you shower...something about the natural oils in your face helps me get a better shave, if I shower then my face feels like it's catching the razor.

Good luck!

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Insight Chief Captain

its all part of being a man my friend.. suck it up - it happens from time to time to all of us Wink

putting aftershave on a cut is character building 😀

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

From an old post of mine:➡

Posted: Thu Sep 01, 2005 8:52 am Post subject:


Something more from me...
Before start shaving wash your face with warm water about 1 minute and then put the foam,cream or soap (anything you use)and dont start shaving before 2-3 minutes pass.This helps the beard and the epidermis to get smoother.After shaving wash your face with cold water.This helps the epidermis to get tight and calm down the little angers and also stops bleeding from some small (and i mean small)cuttings.Then you can use an after shave of your choice.Because you are new in shaving and your epidermis hasnt get used of the razor yet try to use something without a lot of alcohol in it...except if you like your face to get on fire Have,just in case, a hemostat stick in your shaving accessories.(But if you are careful and do the right things you will never have to use it)
Of course if you just have finish your bath you dont have to do...step 1(washing with warm water for one minute).
Learn your beard and dont ever push hard the razor to the places that you have hard beard.DONT YOU NEVER BE IN HURRY WHEN YOU SHAVING.Its a 5 minutes process and its about your face.Smooth and long movements, and a good set of shaving accessories makes shaving always perfect.

Good luck 😉

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I've been shaving since I was 12 (in 1962), and I have developed strong opinions on the subject:

I highly recommend the Gillette Mach 3 razor. I've used a lot of different razors, but this is the best.

If I'm shaving at the sink, I'll wash my face with soap and hot water, rinse it, then put on more soap and hot water and leave it on. Just put the shaving cream on over it, it will make your beard softer.

It's good advice to say "shave with the grain" but on my face, that varies from place to place. High on my neck, near my chin, "with the grain" is down. Below my adam's apple, with the grain is up. in between, it's sideways. You've got to learn these things about your own face.

If you tend to cut yourself, here's a trick: don't lift the blade off your face between strokes. Just keep it on the skin for the return stroke. That way, the angle stays just right so you don't cut yourself at the start of the next stroke.

The best shaves come at the end of a hot shower. In fact, if you can find a fog-free mirror, shave IN the shower. Don't bother with shaving cream, just use soap. Nothing better than a shower shave. If you can't find a fog-free mirror, don't dry your face after the shower, just step right over to the sink and shave right away. (Wrap a towel around yourself, in case your little sister walks in, fer chrissakes). 😳

And forget the aftershave. It stings like hell, and makes you smell like a sissy.

If your face tends to break out after shaving, use some benzoyl peroxide (Oxy 5, or whatever) on the sensitive spots.


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Well Im on 15 1/2 and I shave a few times a week to keep it not looking like a bush. Well I find it the best to do it right after you hop out of the shower. Also I use gel instead of the foam. It tends to be easier on my face. I rarely cut myself. But the only problem with me is that my face dries out after I shave.

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hms_endeavour Chief Captain

Watch this,guys!:
just click the''watch this movie''

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hms_endeavour Chief Captain

did any of you check out the vid?


He asking about shaving now erm thanks for telling us how you were last night with your chest pain 😕 🙄

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Jeff Brock (jeffb57) First Officer

funny video. i personally don't shave because i like to get as close away from the dress code as i can. there is nothing in my schools dress code about facial hair, so i can grow it any way i want Twisted Evil

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