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I found this info on google and thought it was interesting....
I don't remember the site but if you wanna search just type in "how do thrust reversers work" in google.
Maybe it's common knowledge but I didn't know.

Does anyone know approximately what percentage of the engine's thrust
>is diverted forward?

In most thrust-reverser designs, little or none, despite the name. The
key purpose of the thrust reversers is not actually to reverse thrust, but
to kill thrust by sending the exhaust off in a useless direction -- more
or less sideways in most modern designs. The braking effect comes from
the fact that the engine is swallowing very large amounts of air, creating
a considerable drag on the engine, without producing any compensating
thrust. Almost all of the braking comes from intake drag, not from the
forward component of the exhaust.

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I must disagree with you about thrust reversers. I have observed several times at Port Columbus and at Dallas Fort Worth MD 83s and 88s pull back from the gates on their own using thrust reverse. It's a wonderful sight to behold. On two of my trips to San Diego the plane I rode in pulled back with reversers on their own, once in CMH, and at DFW, they were MD83s also. So I think it is safe to say that thrust reversers do develope a considerable percentage of rearward thrust. That's why they call them thrust reversers. In fact, one of the more important design criteria of the military's C 141 was to have strong thrust reverse for short field capability. The C141's reversers produce a little over 40% of its forward thrust in reverse. The new C-17 Globemaster also has good reverse capability. I have watched many times on the Discovery Wings channel the C-17 land at the Paris airshow and come to a very quick stop and immediately begin to taxi in reverse --- with considerable acceleration at that. So yes folks. thrust reversers DO work very well.

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I do believe that, however, I also heard in a manual somewhere there was a warning to never use reverse thrust to back out of a gate. Because of the intense heat created, you can pretty much burn off some of the siding on the airports, dependin on the kind used. Actually, on a flight from Florida, our 757 was flash drying the taxiway as it was moving, and it was raining HARDCORE. But yeah, reverse thrust is pretty neat, and i like the designs on the fuselage mounted engines like the MD-88 and such. The little cone things that come behind the engines are cool looking. But i would guess that there is a throttle limit cause at full power you might blow the things off.

Anyone know how the reversers on like a 757 work, cause those just slide back, i dunno how they reverse it.

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On airplanes with low slung engines I.E. 737s 757s etc, It is not a good idea to use reverse under about 60 kts due to the fact that the backwash from reverse thrust can stir up debris on the ground and get ingested into the engines. Not a good thing. Planes with relatively high mounted engines like the MD83s, 88s, Lear jets, and the like, can use reverse with relative safety. I'm sure the engines on the C141 and C17 are designed to deal with the ingestion factor.

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P.S. I forgot to mention that heat is really not that much of a factor in reverse thrust. The exhaust gets pretty well diluted in reverse, even when relatively close to the engines.

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Interesting stuff, but how do you initiate reverse thrusters in MSFS, for planes that have it that is?

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Ok, now I know that F2 is the key.
I downloaded the file that keyboard command page that is found here:

As suggested by Radarman in another forum

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😀 Why not use a spare button on your joystick to activate the reversers
Just configure a button in settings


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Spare Buttons....mmmmmmmm....Spare buttons....... 🙂

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Yeah, whos got spare buttons, I've only got 10 plus the hat and throttle. 😂

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