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Does Anybody know of any addons/Downloads that can be installed into the game to make the plane connect to ther terminal? 🙄 [/b]

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Sorry, I haven't heard of any downloads that you can actually connect the aircraft to the jet way - a bit too complex for FS9 I think 😉

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Tailhook Chief Captain

Why don't you try this one ➡

Make sure you check out the screenshots.

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brownbox Captain

why dont you just drive carefullly?

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Greg1138 Trainee

This can be done with some of the UK2000 Scenery add-ons......particularly in the Heathrow Pro pack....


there is a download that could add the terminal jetways, but I don't know how to make it moving after a plane dock into terminal...

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Ryan Finn (pilotguy44) First Officer

look for a freeware addon for FS2004 for Bremen, Germany. I believe the designer is Oliver Pabst. it can be found on or sorry, but i dont have a link for you

it has 8 fully featured jetways that read what type of aircraft you're in and pull right up to the door... catering and service trucks also drive over to your plane and do work on it... it's a very neat add-on

..he also did a scenery just like this for Palma de Mallorca, Spain.. but that was for FS2002 only.. and only a few of the gates actually worked.. it was a little buggy. ...however, his new version at Bremen airport is excellent 👍

...also, if you're willing to pay for scenery.. SimFlyers scenery features the "ActiveDock" and "ServiceArmada" systems. The gate pulls right up to your plane.. no matter what type it is... and then service vehicles appear around you... also very nicely done scenery... i'd suggest either their Las Vegas or Phoenix sceneries.. those two are their best ones. (they have over 15 different airport sceneries for sale)

visit them at

hope that was any help 😀 🍻

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lenin First Officer

I have World Airports 2 wich does the job. All you have to do is enter some radio codes and the jetway and all the trucks and fuel greet you.
These are the airports it upgrades:
Chicago O'Hare
Dallas Ft Worth int
Houston G Bush Intercontinental
Las Vegas Mc Carran intl
London Luton
Manchester intl
NY JFKennedy intl
Rome Fiumicino
Toronto Pearson intl
Washington Dulles intl
I got it cheap in the sale for £12.00

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Ryan Finn (pilotguy44) First Officer

lol lenin... those are all SimFlyers sceneries... "World Airports 2" is a package of multiple SimFlyers sceneries put together for one price (rather than buying them individually at

..see? lenin thinks simflyers is good too 😎 👍

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lenin First Officer

It is still really coool!

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