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New version of AVC Tuner released

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Announcing New AVC Tunner Version

Here are some important notes:

AVC Tuner monitors both the COM Radios. Whichever radio is active will be used for tuning.
This program requires FSUIPC to be installed.
FSUIPC does not need to be registered.

Support is provided via our forums location at:

What is new in this version:

Fixed bug with resulted in UNICOM being the only valid station.

AVC Tuner now remembers the position of the main window
Fixed bug in UNICOM code that forced the default voice server to always be the second server in the list.
Fixed bug in the UNICOM code that defaulted to the second server in the list if no server had been specified, not the first server as intended.
Fixed bug where UNICOM was always enabled, regardless of the setting in the configuration screen.

Added UNICOM channel support
Fixed bug that made AVC Tuner crash if the Simulation Hardware server has offline
The Tuner Status now shows a reason why ATC was ignored
Added a ‘Ignore this server’ button to remove a server from the list of possible data sources
Tray Icon hint now shows tuned channel, or reason for not tuning
A warning is now displayed if the VATSIM data is too old
Lots of memory leaks fixed
AVC Tuner no longer has to be started before Flight Simulator
AVC Tuner will no longer accept itself as the voice client executable.

Where can you get it?

Go to Products / software page

Where can you talk about it or get help?
Russell Hubber
Simulation Hardware Ltd
72/6 Orbell St
New Zealand
Ph +64 3 377 8866
Cell+64 27 282 8073

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