MD/DC? im confused..

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okay everyone.. i know i may sound a little stupid for this question.. but I have always been confused over the topic of the DC company and the MD (McDonnell-Douglas) company. and i just want to finally clear things up..

1st of all.. what exactly did "DC" stand for? (ex.. like in "DC-9")
...and secondly.. what is McDonnell-Douglas? Did "DC" become McDonnell-Douglas at some point? Because all the DC and MD names are so interchangeable. Like for example the MD-80 is also often referred to as the "DC-9-80". And growing up.. I used to think the DC-10 and MD-11 were the products of two competetors... when in reality the MD-11 is the DC-10 with modern fixtures.. and appearently it's made by the same company..

and now that Boeing owns McDonnell-Douglas it just gets more confusing, lol.. on the DC-10 is also listed as the "Boeing MD-10". it's such a confusing topic to me.. it always has been, lol

if anyone can clear up this stupid confusion of mine once and for all.. please do 😂

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McDonnell merged with Douglas.


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wow.. thanks radarman.. that cleared things up 👍 😎

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