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Hi, I am 12 years old and am hoping to be a pilot when i grow up. I am familar with all the controls of the cessna 172, and 182. To get my full Commercial pilots liscence I will need a diploma in aviation, and 140 hours of solo flying time, altoghether which will cost NZ$124000!, I better start saving up!

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I wish I was a few years older, then I wouldnt have to wait another 4 or 5 years.

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I am currently 15 and am going to study my PPL in due course but in a few weeks I am going for a trial flight 😀

You will be up in those skies before you know it 😉

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Sean (SeanGa) Captain

I'm also planning on becoming a pilot.. I live in Norway though, and in my town there's no flight school, so I'll have to go abroad to study. This is why I choose to finish classes first (1 year left. I become 17 this year, but go in the same class as those who become 1😎. It would suck to move abroad, fail to become a pilot and then not have any basic education to start something else.

So when I'm done in about 1 year from now, I'll try to start studying for my PPL as fast as possible, and then continue hopefully ending up with my ATPL..

I don't really have much money atm because I spend it on vacations with friends etc., but I win a considerable amount of money by playing poker, and my mother will also help me pay my classes if I promise to buy her a house when she gets old.. lol


😂 that confused him!! I can now very confidently fly the 700's like the 737, 767 and 757 ect as well as the 777. The 747 is my next goal and i am currently over the med on a 3 hour flight to malta from malaga. I am fully happy of flying this plane and also planning a trial flight soon. 🙂

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