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[Pics and vids] Back from my trip to Lanzarote!

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Heyyy! Came back this tuesday from Lanzarote (GCRR/ACE)
(Canary Islands) and had a great time.

I departed from Bergen(ENBR) at 15h40 in the Air Europa 737-800 (w/ winglets) heading for Stavanger(ENZV) to drop off and pick up some new passengers. There was free seating on this flight, so naturally I sat on a window seat by the wing (which is my favourite spot).

In Stavanger, I didn't even leave the plane - the passengers continuing to Lanzarote were instructed to wait in there seats (now I had to sit on the seat which said on the boarding card (seat 11 D)). I asked one of the flight attendants if there was any possibility of visiting the cockpit, but she said it was strictly forbidden 😞, and a 5 hour flight without a window seat kind of made me feel sad. I just LOVE to sit by the wing of the airplane!

Anyway a really kind couple sat next to me, and no, as I am not 5 years old any longer they didn't really offer me the window seat, but they were nice to talk to, and being able to speak with them made the flight more interesting. If the conversation kinda died out, I just put on my head-set and listened to some music or read my book.

The funny thing was that they served the same food as the last time I traveled with AEA (Air Europa), which nobody liked.. some kind of Italian tagliatele with chicken (which usually tastes good but omg what a disaster that food was...). I usually like the meals they serve on flights, but this was an exception. Anyway, it couldn't even get worse - the movies were also two movies I had seen before on flights.

As we were about to descend, I noticed there were some unoccupied seats a couple of rows infront of me. When we were about to land, I sat down there (window seat) and managed to take some pictures and a video of the landing at Lanzarote.

I had a pleasant stay (as usual), and managed to take some pictures from beside the runway. They aren't any good though, since there's a fence there and it's hard to take pictures without the fence getting in the way. I have seen some pictures at where the fence doesn't show, and there are also some pictures taken from a hill or something. Dunno how they managed it though.. anyway I'll post the pictures and perhaps a video of a plane landing.. I've taken all the video's with a photo camera so they really suck. I couldn't even zoom -_-.

Damn I'm writing a lot..

Anyway, on the way back the plane left at 08h20, and this time it was also a 737-800 but without winglets, and the plane didn't have any place to plug head-sets (meaning they showed no movies on board) which made the flight more boring than the last. Nevertheless, I packed my bags at 01h45 am that night because I had been at my cousin's house playing cards and talking and stuff, and I went to bed at around 02h00 am, so I slept a lot on the flight.

Again, there was a couple sitting next to me (no window seat this time either (aisle)), but this time it was an older couple and they were... well, big - at least the man.. so later on in the flight, since they were going to the bathroom etc. and taking a walk to stretch their legs, they just said that I could sit by the window so that I didn't have to get up all the time. but still it sucked, because there was only one window and it was almost where the seat infront of me was.. I had to lean forward to look out the window 😞 but still I was able to take some pics, as the camera is kinda easier to "lean forward" than my head and my whole body. lol.

Didn't stop by stavanger this time.. straight home! hope you enjoy the pictures (and the videos)

and sorry for writing so much. thanks for reading.

Taking off from Bergen

Landing in Stavanger

Touch down

Approaching Lanazrote. You can see Puerto del Carmen all lit up
Wing included


You probably thought WTF when you saw this picture. Can you guess how it is related to airplanes? It actually is a ship which goes from island to island (Canary Islands) and provides fuel to the islands' airports through an underwater tube.

Picture of the beautiful beach next to the runway

Runway lights

Binter Canarias ATR landing

Futura ready for take-off

Air Berlin landing

Some plane landing (unlucky shot 😞)

Plane entering the runway for take-off

Some most impressive landscape shots from the island.

Taken from the beach on the previous pic

Another plane landing

Picture of the AEA 737-800 which brought me back home

Woohoo! Wing view!

Flaps extracted and ready for landing at Bergen Flesland Lufthavn. Swap between this picture and the one above. Notice how different the wing looks! Gotta love these wing views ^^

Really bad picture taken right after touch down. lol. but it kinda gives you the feeling of the forces in an airplane when you land.. it looks like I was half way off my seat (which I kinda was because I had to lean forward to look out the window)

Here are the videos!

Final approach and landing at Aeropuerto de Arrecife (the capital of Lanzarote) Very dark, but kinda cool when the lights of the airport light up the aircraft.

Futura Boeing 737-800 w/ winglets landing

LTU, a German charter airline landing (tnx for info TTT)

The videos are limited to 7 days and 10 downloads (only 10!!!!!!) because I'm using yousendit..

If you can't download the videos, just post it and I will re-upload them.

Feel free to ask questions or comment on anything!



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Don't know why some of the pictures turned out so huge.. I'll try to fix it.

Edit: Fixed. I hope the pictures aren't too big

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Jeff Brock (jeffb57) First Officer

very cool

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Good story, great pics and I was able to see the last two videos. Short, nice landings excellent sounds!
Thanks and I'm glad you had a nice trip.


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Sean (SeanGa) Captain

thanks guys 🙂 makes me very happy to hear that you've enjoyed my post.. to be honest it took a long time to upload everything and stuff..

anyway, are you saying that you couldn't download the first video?

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RadarMan Chief Captain

SeanGa wrote:

thanks guys 🙂 makes me very happy to hear that you've enjoyed my post.. to be honest it took a long time to upload everything and stuff..

anyway, are you saying that you couldn't download the first video?

It didn't work the first time but it worked now and I'm very glad that it did.
That nighttime landing was spectacular, the view and the sounds, my sub-woofer was rumbling I could feel it through the floor.


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tomthetank Chief Captain

Great pics and even better videos 👏
Thanks for the time you took to take and upload them Wall Bashing

You had a very steady hand for the landing video(Ive seen them wobble all over the place) 😉

I liked the night landing the best,good sounds 😉

LTU is a German charter airline

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pilotwannabe Chief Captain

Some great pics and nice report 😉

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Great report with pics and videos 👍 Thanks 😉

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Nick (-Jester-) First Officer

the second movie it looked like the guy was coming in way to fast, but it is probably me since I have not been outside of a plane and seen it land....
I know its sad

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ceetee Chief Captain

Thanks for the very enjoyable read.

You wrote a great report, and the pictures where an awesome addition too.

I love the Canary Islands, and wish I could visit them again. Next time I fly on an airliner I have decied, thanks to you, I must take my camera along to try get some photos and do a report simular to this.

Thanks again for sharing your experience!

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Tailhook Chief Captain

Thanks for sharing this great experience with us! 👏

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jarred_01 Chief Captain

Thanks for the trip report and photos SeanGa, very interesting. 👍

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ceetee Chief Captain

Final approach and landing at Aeropuerto de Arrecife (the capital of Lanzarote) Very dark, but kinda cool that when the lights of the airport light up the aircraft.

I just downloaded and watched that video of yours- It's Awesome! I will be showing all my mates ❗

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