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just wondering -

Do nVidia and BFG Technologies relate to each other because I found this in an online shop and look it up on Google GeFoce 7900 GTX OC- and I thought :

Don't nVidia make the GeForce 7900 GTX OC?

I am probably upgrading my system (building a PC myself) so I am just putting the components together. It says it is built for Windows Vista (good sign).

So any advice is helpful.

Thanks in advance

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nVidia make the chipset and produce the cards with the chipsets on, but they also sell the chipsets to third party manufacturers to use on their cards.

The nvidia component on the third party made cards is the GPU, most of the rest of the chips will be their own.

My nVidia is a BFG card, they are pretty good.

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My guess is that they are what's called a "partner company", they are licensed by NVIDIA to make their own card under their own name with alterations of NVIDIAS card.

ATi does that also.


cheechm Guest

thanks for the help

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