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I have a major problem. Is there anyone out there that can do me an enormous favor. I have MS Flight Simulator 2004 and Disc 1 of the series is all scratched up. I just had my computer re-imaged and now I cant play. I was wondering if there is anyone out there that can copy Disc 1 of MS Flight Simulator 2004 and send it to me. I will provide my e-mail address so anyone can notify me if they can do it. I will also disclose my shipping information via e-mail for the person that can do this for me.

My e-mail is

Please do what you can because I am in flight school and need extra training.

Thank you in advance for all of your time and consideration.


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You are best off going to FS2004 section of the Microsoft website and asking them for a complete new version of FS9. I broke my 4th disk a while back, and recently asked them to send me a new disk 4, and they replaced all the disks for free! Quick and easy 😉

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That is a 600MB+ CD, no one is going to be able or willing to simply email it to you...

P2P, contact microsoft... there are other options besides asking someone to email it to you. The upload time on that email would be like 20 hours!

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They're right, call them right now before they close at 5pm.


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