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Taxiing Question!!

TimTim Guest

Hey everyone!!

I was just wondering how do you find your way around an airport in FS when

(a) You don't have a chart of the airport
(b) You don't want to rely on Progressive Taxi because it is very unrealistic and pilots in real world aviation don't have pink lines directing them to tie-down spots

Now I can follow the directions from the runway along the taxiiways
World Travel 3626Alpha, taxi to gate Bravo 12 using taxiway O O1 Runway 16 G AA etc.

But its nearly the same with all airports, the ATC will lead you to the big open area that contains the ramps and gates and all the commotion 🙂 . But how do you know which gate is which?? That is the question

If they say go to gate 10, how do you know which one is 10. I know it comes to mind that it is the 10th gate down but it usually isn't that simple. In busier airports (such as maybe JFK or Heathrow) gates have crazy numbers and wouldn't be able to just count your way to them

I don't want to use Progressive Taxi because then I feel kind of guilty (in a way) that I was doing good on my flight and when I come in and have to use a simulator-only feature (not available in the real world) I feel like I'm doing it wrong, depending to heavily on aids that make the whole affair very simple if you know what I mean.

Thanks for the help in advance,

Sphagnum1 Guest

I've wondered this too, but havn't had the curiosity enough to go to the Learning Center and figuring Taxiing out... I don't fly for the fun of taxiing, I avoid it when I can. So I don't feel guilty about the pink lines...

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Sean (SeanGa) Captain

progressive taxi isn't actually as unrealistic as you might think.. there is an option called progressive taxi when taxiing in the real world instead. the difference is that instead of a purple line, they tell you when to turn etc..

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Tailhook Chief Captain

One way would be to aquaint yourself with AFCADs, learn how to install and use them.

You can also use the 'Top Down' view and either use it as an aid when you arrive or you can check out the whole airport this way and take your notes even before you depart your home airport.

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hinch Chief Captain

i have learnt quite a few airports off by heart...all add on scenery though mind - only ones worth remembering 😀

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

I had the same problem using VATSIM when they read out long taxi clearences, so I downloaded Airport's Chart Viewer v5.0 which is a very nice program - it shows you all of the taxiways and their names and where you are relative to these taxiways and runways - highly recommended!


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Tailhook Chief Captain

Terrific recommendation Jon 👍

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Greg1138 Trainee

TimTim wrote:

But how do you know which gate is which?? That is the question

There are marks on the groud, if your graphics are up to it (don't know you or your system, sorry)

Greg - who enjoys taxiing as long as it doesn't take more than a minute or two!! And who always uses progressive taxi, but might try out oneor two of the suggestions contained in this thread anyway.....

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