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A few days ago I heard of the unfortunate death of one of flights most famous and daring pilots but didn't post it here because I was so sure that it would be posted as soon as it was heard by some of the members...oh well. I can't let his passing go unnoticed.
I remember about a year or so ago I saw a TV show which showed this 84 year old helping some people to recreate the Kittyhawk aircraft of the Wright Brothers.
After they had built it he wouldn't let them fly it, he had to take the first of many experimental flights so they wouldn't get injured. I don't remember how many times it couldn't make it and he took the punishment of the short low crashes.
Once it flew he turned it over to them, brave or just so self confident in his finely honed skills, whichever...wherever he is I hope he can hear the sounds of aircraft engines the sound he must have loved above all. Death. Life. Video clip of the X-15


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I'm sorry to hear that. I remember the X-15 flights from when I was a kid. I thought it was the coolest-looking plane ever.

Actually, I've seen the two remaining X-15s, at the museum in Washington DC and the one at Wright-Patterson AFB. It is beautiful in a brutish sort of way; just a cockpit on the front of a big engine, good for one thing only: going FAST!


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