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hard to explain

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hello all,

this is hard to explain but has anyone every noticed that when you put it on a foggy night or even day or just cloudy period. but at night or any tim e when you get above the fog and clouds and rain you see the ground. this kind of annoys me because I put it on 3 miles visibility and im 15,000 FT. up and i can see my house. is there a d/load that can fix this?????

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yes i have noticed this too.. and it makes me angry because it's supposed to look like this:

the problem with FS9 clouds is that they look very realistic.. but have no actual density. they disappear as you fly through them. i hate this Evil or Very Mad

..hopefully this will be fixed in FSX (if there's no patch for this in FS9)

...i will join in asking your question if there's anyone who knows how to fix to this in FS9. 😕

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Jake (JarJarBinks) Chief Captain

spread the word ask away my friend if you find a the solution P.M. me. post anywhere you like this is one question I deprstly want solved.

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