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Tom Fireball Guest

I would like to see some detailed small airfields for bush-pilots like me 😀
i think it would be nice to have an original (good programmed) airstrip with a lake beside for waterplanes in a higher detailed landscape area ( 2x2 miles or so) with a higher air traffic around.

... yes, and i like to have more failture funktions (engine-fire) and a better damage profile for emergency landing. so i have the possibility to train save emergency landing with gear up or so. and the clouds are nearly perfect in FS9 but the thunder (lightnings) shoud be better.

thank you and best wishes!

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Tom Fireball Guest

SORRY, that was the wrong topic. 🙄
i should put it in "what we like to see in fs 2006"

Pro Member Chief Captain
RadarMan Chief Captain

That's ok, repost it in the correct topic and I'll delete this one.

Thanks for joining us.


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