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I guess some of you will have come across this guy - a furloughed pilot who writes for

Personally, I find his writing excellent. While meaning no disrespect to the many real-world pilots on here who take time out to share their wisdom with us, not all pilots are skilled in the art of communication. The ones who post here are pretty much self-selected as having good skills in this area.

Anyhow, he deals with a variety of aviation matters, from the standard "Q&A" stuff to more reflective and literary recollections of his experiences. My personal favourites are the "exploding toilet on the B727 cargo jet" and the "almost mid air collision while trying to impress a mini-skirted goth chick at age 20". Plus, he's a fan of Husker Du and other 80s punk/indie music, which gains him a few points. is pay site, but you can access for free if you view a tedious (but fairly short) advert.

His own site is here

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Nice one antone 😉

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TY - I like it.

Another good question he raises: what really is the worst-named airline in the world? Options include Kras Air of Russia and Taiwan's U-Land Airways 😂

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