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R/C jet. Tell me what you think!

Twinsfan Guest

Alright I had an idea this weekend. I was putting a model plane together, when the thought struck me: Make a radio control jet. I'm going to get a model F-16. Then I'm going to build a pulse jet ( info at These engines are extremely simple and can be made small enough to put in a model plane. Then I must coat the inside with heat-resistant stuff. I'm going to get some R/C equipment next week, and wire up all the flaps, rudder, etc. Then, I'm going to install fuel tanks under the wings. I still cant think of a fuel to use (I don't want to use gas. It costs waaaaay too much.) Finally, I'll give it a run to see if it works. In a best case scenario (If my friend lets me use his workshop) it could be done in a little over a month. If not ( If I have to use my school's shop) maybe two months. Let me know what you guys think of this.

Twinsfan Guest

Oh yeah, before I forget. Can anyone direct me to some blueprints or a picture of how to wire an R/C plane? Like how to connect the ailorons and throttle and stuff. I'd appreciate it because I am clueless as far as that goes.

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alohajoe First Officer

Thats an awesome idea! You have to post screenies and videos to keep us updated!!!

Good Luck my friend!! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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hms_endeavour Chief Captain

Do it.I'm into rc planes too.Just do it. Very Happy Wink

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