XB-70 Valkyrie doesnt appear

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Hi, I am new here and only beginer with fs9.

I downloaded the Valkyrie XB-70 from (Flightsim site).

That was the first aircraft I ever downloaded. It doesnt work. I am sure I installed it correctly..

Just to make sure I downloaded a Hummel plane with 1/2 Volkswagen engine and it works very well, and I recommend it.

What I am wondering is, has anyone downloaded the Valkyrie and does it work with fs9?

And is there something simple I can do to make it work? The download doesnt say which sims it will work with.

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WOW! What a beauty, your my new best friend. That's one terrific looking aircraft.
You have to put the "effects" into the "effects" folder, the "gauges" into the "gauge" folder and the aircraft folder marked "XB-70" into the "aircraft" folder.

Then look in your aircraft listing in the Sim for North American XB70, and your in business.
If you have any problems come on back.

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So you see why that was my first pick for a download. I saw that and had to fly it!

The XB-70 was a real aircraft. On one of its first flights an F-104 Starfighter, my first and favorite model as a kid, hit the wing and crashed it.

I tend toward the weird aircraft. My next download hopefully will be the SR-71 Blackbird.

When I get proficient with this flightsim stuff I would like to recreate the flying Pinto. (Mitzar)

Thanks for the help, I havent been able to fool with it yet, but cant wait to fly it.

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😳 I came,I saw,I was Stricken,I d/loaded,now I'm off to FLY!....Ric

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