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i was flying from bermuda to jfk last night and i was on final. When i was about 100 feet from touch down i disengaged auto throttle and started to bring the engines to idle. when i did this engine #1 came to idle and #2 stayed at 50%. This caused then plane to yaw and i executed a go around with one engine at 100% and one at 50%. I looked at the throttles and onle one was moving but i could press E2 and move the other one. But not both at the same time. I got the plane landed i just cut engines at 200 feet and glided it in. i use a logitec joystick with a throttle. why is this happening it does not happen all the time but it is a PITA any helo would be great.

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its me liam Guest

i have the same problem but it doesnt always happen is this the same with you Embarassed

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Have you tried pressing E and then 1 and 2 in quick succession? I had that problem recently, but stupidly, didn't check that the N1 values on each engine agreed before landing, so I yawed on touchdown Poke in Eye

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A gauge solution

Does one of these problems sound familar ?? 1. In my multi-engine aircraft, I suddenly find that my throttle controller only works for Engine-1, and I cannot correct this by typing (default keys) the keysequence E 1 2 (3 4). 2. In my aircraft that has an Exit-2, I cannot open/close Exit-2 by typing (default keys) the keysequence Shift-E 2 (instead Exit-1 opens/closes). If so, adding this invisible gauge to your panel should solve these problems. Easy to install, and fully documented. By Rob Barendregt.


Just disable Engine Select, also known as the "E" key. Its absolutely pointless and causes more harm them good.

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