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can you get flights via somewhere? for instance manchester to sydney via hong kong or something? or do you have to do it as separate flights?

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This isn't built into the FS the flight planner but I suppose you could fly one route and then when you get to your destination select the option 'file an IFR flight plan' from the ATC menu to enable you to fly on to your final destination. 😉

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You can create multiple waypoints flights.

Here is an old example of mine:

I will give you an example...

If you want to flight from LGAV to LFPG(Charles de Gaulle) when i hit Find Route it appears a map with a red line(route).
If you zoom in your map you can just draw the line to any airport close(or far if you like)as a midle waypoint.
You will notice that your line moves from the departure airport to the selected one and then it continues to your final destination.
If you click OK you will see in the right window which shows you the airports, that the chosen one has added in the middle of those you have firstly choose and your NavLog have changed.Now you have course,time etc for this airport and after for your final destination one.You will also notice in your GPS that this port has added too.

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