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can you change other planes

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bigred1 Trainee

I want to know if you can change other computer planes into planes that I have downloaded. Like can i change some of them into F-16`s or anything else.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

I'm afraid that my mind is working half way right now and I don't know what you mean.
If you download a Cessna you have a Cessna, I'm not with you please explain.

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BearsdenRed Trainee

are you looking for more traffic in your Flights?

F-16's dont fly out of civil airports unless a really serious matter is on, Ie engine failure or terrorist attack.

but if you are looking for AI flights, then look at these...


FS Traffic 2004 <- using this one. buggy but works quite well and not overburdening your CPU

Ultimate Traffic

just look in around these websites, im sure you can get AI flight plans for military jets and the like, but they will fly out of Military airports.

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