Ok.. im annoyed

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having spend the best part of a day trying to work out how to use the pss a320, im very annoyed!
a) the autopilot does not work!
b) the auto throttle does not work
c) the fmc is so hard to work it is unbelivable.
d) the atc does not work.

HAving been on the real a320 simulator at london gatwick, i know my way around a a320, this looks like it flies like it but the ap and fmc's are nothing like in the real thing. ive folowed the manual to the letter and no luck./ any help ith these questions would be deeply apprecieated.

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Have you got the latest version pf FSPUIC installed??

If you havn't then this could be causing the autopilot to behave erratically.

If you haven't got the latest, its better to have none at all than have an out of date version.


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First of all, if you are using FS2004 go to the drop down menus --> Instrument Views and UN-check the option "System Only don't touch" or something like that. You have to do that every flight - I have to at least.

The MCDU is not hard to program, it's just different than the Boeing FMC. Read the manual and do the tutorials is all I can tell you. The main difference in philosophy is this: Instead of typing in the airways you click on the starting waypoint and click "Via" or something like that (upper right I think). Then you type the airway and the destination divided by a slash.

So if you wanted to go direct ABC and then to DEF via X58 airway you would type:
- ABC (enter into MCDU)
- click on ABC and go to the "via" box then enter:
- X58/DEF (enter into MCDU)

There you have it. Same with SID/STARs. Click on the airport and select the appropriate procedure.

The throttle (and autothrottle) don't work like a Boeing. Click the SPD selector down (PUSH) so that you get - - - on the display and the light is on. This means the autothrottle is on. Now, just use the right detent on the throttle quadrant for take-off, cruise and your speed will always be right for the flight profile. Fly by wire is neat, eh?

I don't know what you mean "the autopilot doesn't work". If you program the MCDU correctly, the autopilot will work. Again, keep the buttons pressed down (PUSH). On the contrary, if you want to manually enter speed, heading, altitude, right click (PULL) the buttons out.

Again, read the manual.

I have no idea what you mean "the atc doesn't work", sorry.

Hope it helps 🙂

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The ATC not working is sadly a problem with far too many planes out there. When you power up the plane, for some reason FS drains the battery much too fast, so you lose your avionics and just about anything relying on battery power. The only solution is to purchase a liscence of FSUIPC, and find the box marked "extend battery life", and set the value to '0' (which means forever).

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Well most planes don't rely on batteries.

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