ATI Radeon 9600SE

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Anyone have the ATI Radeon 9600SE 128MB AGP video card and would like to offer an opinion? Also, is $120 US a good price?

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What your buying is an "SE", special edition, that's usually made by a licensed "partner" of ATI, they have to pay ATI to make them under their name (Sapphire?) and then how do they sell it cheaper?

Your call, I bought a ATI Radeon Pro 128 DDR made by ATI. As for price, it's probably a better card than you have now. I'm NOT an expert by any means, this is just my feelings.

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Radarman - Thanks for the reply. My current card is a NVIDIA TNT2 Pro with 32MB, so this would be a step up. Are you aware of any other video cards that might be a better choice in the $120 range?


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As I said it's a good step up from what you have. A 9200 is much cheaper and the 9800 pro (not all in 1 wonder) is around $200 (still) that's what I paid a month or more ago.
Go for it if the companies return policy is good.
I think that you will be happy with it and shouldn't have any problems.

See all the different prices by different "partners", but I've heard that if you have to go with a "partner" then Sapphire is among the best.
I hesitate to recommend anything, I hope you understand
Spend some time searching the net for the best price.

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I both some 6 weeks ago at the state ATI RADEON 9600xt
for some 180 $ on the web. I came home and found it for 160$. I read on the web (maybe in this forum that there is a new kind of card coming out and you can expect for a price drop. Any how the XT should be better than the SE. I don't know what system you have but I can have some 40 FPS on mid slides

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😀 There will be new cards out in the near future(but these will require new mobo's aswell)So buy whatever card you can afford as I think it would be a LEAP in the right direction(not a step)
Have a look around and pick two or three cards in your price range then check out to read any reviews

Good luck


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i bought the radeon9600xt iget about 40fps i am very happy with the card


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👍 Good choice, I know you'll be happy with it.
Those are some excellent FPS.


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I bought and just installed a Sapphire ATI 9600 Pro 256MB card ($136 US). FPS's (with everything turned up to max.) range from 38 at altitude to 10 taxing around OHare. Running a P4 1.4G w/ Dell 17" Ultrasharp flat panel monitor w/DVI connection.

Thanks for all the input!

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Good to hear that you not only are satisfied but that the fps is very high. 👍


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