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I'm running a Atholon 2100xp, 1.73 G.Hz, 512meg's of ram and a radeon 8500. I have all the graphics settings jacked up and running her at about 1600x1200 on my nice 21' LCD. It does get really choppy when the weather pics up or when it becomes a more wideer view, and sometimes the ground goes from high detail to sparse detail all of a sudden. I might be thinking of a video card update any idea's on what a good card would be that has a DVI output and isen't going to dent my wallet?

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I have the ATI Radeon Pro 128mb DDR and think that it's a super card for FS9 (for the price).
You can search the net and find it for at least $200 or maybe a little less (as long as it's made by ATI).

I have a P-4/ 1.5 gig / 512mb Rambus 22"/ 20'' viewable Mitsubishi, yes it's getting "long in the tooth" but it's going to have to last another year and it seems to be very close to your specks.

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