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Another questions guy's. How can you make it so the AI aircrafts are not just the generic names and actually use the airplanes you have downloaded? Better yet, can you make any of the military planes as the AI?

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I use "Ultimate Traffic" and it's mostly commercial, some GA no military that I've noticed.
I think TomTheTank has "Traffic 2004" he can tell you if he has military AI, I think he does.

If I remember right "GA-Traffic" a free download will turn anything into AI traffic.

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Radarman, im using FS traffic 2k4 and have not seen any military aircraft, come to think of it, im in a jet flying out of my home Town's of either Aberdeen or Glasgow.

i will look around for AI flights for military ones,

Mytraffic does do all flights if your looking for the complete thingy. i will check out FS 2k4 later

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😞 No military traffic in Traffic2004
I thought Project AI had some but I've been over there and could'nt find any.

Im not sure about this but there are traffic files for military traffic plus scenery here(I imagine the traffic will be just local) ➡

Some of the scenery looks quite good

Hope it helps

Let us know how you get on

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Yeah guys, it would just be cool to see milirat AI traffic at military airfields, etc... What is the largest/busiest military air field in fs2004?

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