I must be really stupid


This is a really stupid question, I know, but it's driving me crazy!!!!!!!!
I'm new to FS and I have the 2002 version. I play the game on my laptop and when I'm taking the ATC lesson, after all the instructions and after taxi, he says to "press CTRL + ] " to continue...and I just can't do it!I've tried all the possible combinations but I just can't get the ] sign...
And there any site where I can get more (and maybe more complete and acessible) information for learning how to fly? I feel like I have this incredible world just next to me (specially when I see messages by the real pros here) and I just can't get to it...
I understand these are stupid question, but I will be a little less stupid if I know the answers 😉
Thank you very much in advance

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For the answer to your first question, the ']' button can be found in the top right of your keyboard, just above the @ symbol, if that helps.

In terms of you learning how to fly, the learning centre in FS is useful, the lessons not so much although I would recommend them to see how you go.
This site offers many explanations from approach guides to posting screenshots. Have a read of these and other posts and then ask questions on things you don't understand. 😉

😀 😀


Thanks for your reply
In my laptop, the ] is the same key as 9. when I want to put it in text, I just press Alt GR + 9 and it works fine. This doesn't work when I'm taking the lesson...

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See if you have got a FN key. If you have press the FN key and the number lock key and make sure it is off. Then you should be able to press CTRL and ]. I had the same problem on my laptop until i found out how to do that.


That still didn´t work...

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Hi, pres Alt + ], but in the Lap top you have to seek for the Alt/Gr key, pres this one and next "]", the Alt/Gr key is next to space bar and "]" key is next to Intro. 😎


No...that didn´t work...
I think I'll just skip that lesson
thanks anyway


Get a new computer lol

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