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hi i have to do a report on what i have been doin' on FS so heres my report Tour of the Himalayas

By Ben Klein

Part I

Leg One: VNBL - VNGK

Takeoff at about 5:00 a.m. in moderate rain. After dodging several hills in my bell 206b Jetranger helicopter I headed SE to VNGK. The trip was fairly uneventful, although there was some turbulence on the way and lots of mountains.

Leg Two: VNGK - VNJS

Some snow falling when I took of for VNJS. It would be a 50-mile trip over 17,000 ft tall mountains. Had to make a detour through a pass that I made by about 20 ft and then I dove down to about 14,000 ft to get better performance. Landing was slightly difficult due to a crosswind

Leg Three: VNJS - VNKT

Visibility was poor when I rented a new Beech Starship for the 70-mile trip back to Kathmandu( the capital of Nepal.) It was a very difficult takeoff because of the short runway but after I was in the air it was easy as the starship has a TCAS radar that lets you know if you about to hit a mountain or something. Landing was uneventful and I came to a stop about halfway down the runway and then taxied to parking and shut of my engines.

tell me what you think 🙄

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nice. I take it that it was fun?

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Ben (eagle3) Trainee

Yes Yes Yes

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👍 Punk Bow Down


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good one. 😎

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Where do you go to school? It's interesting that they consider a few paragraphs about a PC Flight Simulator a viable school report. That's neat stuff there.

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Germán Campopiano (Oberkomando) Captain

Truth, what school do you go to? 😂

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