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I'm cruising along here from Rihyad Saudi Arabia to JFK and was wondering how does everyone else calculate fuel for their flights? I have flown the 747 many times and have it down to a average of how many gallons per mile, etc so I do the math that way. Is there a easier method? I hate getting to my destination with a lot of left over fuel, and it isn't very realistic to take off with a full load on. Once I figured out the math, it is really amazing how far a 747 can fly!!!!

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I use the default FS route planner and NAV Log, which calcualte the estimated fuel for the journey. I usually double what they recommend becasue its usually way too little 😉

Also, there are downloadable fuel calculators 😉

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It's incredibly easy if you use a fuel planner.

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On very long flights, and if I'm not gonna make it to my destination cause of fuel shortage, I usually calculate by seeing approximately how many percentage of fuel I burn every 100 miles or 1,000 miles or so. Then I subtract the percentage by every 1,000 or 100 miles to see if I can make it there.

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