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A while back not long after I first signed up I remember asking how real FS is compared to real world flying.

Now ive had just over 3 hours flying real a/c and ive gathered my own opinion.

I think FS is good for learning how to use the instruments and similar things to that but is nothing like flying in real life. The handling is way off, the VFR flights are nothing like real life VFR flights, weather is wrong, atc is wrong.

For example, when landing at EGGP rwy 27 our entry point is over a jaguar factory you can see miles away. Things like this arnt included in FS making it tough to fly an accurate VFR flight.

There are many things that are different that ive found up to now. What do other people think?

PS. Dont get me wrong, I still love FS and I wouldnt be taking flying lessons now if it wasnt for FS so im not slagging it off just voicing my opinion 😀

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I havent had any real life flying experience but I plan to.

So, are you saying that its easier to fly a VFR in real life than FS? Because I find that a little hard to believe.

But then there are more factors to consider in real life than FS, no?

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I dont have any addon scenery in FS so you dont have much to tell you where you are. In real life, if you know the area you know where you are and the best way back into the airspace and the entry points.
We dont have GPS in the plane I fly in. All you have is a map of the area so you must know where you are at all times. In my experience this is really tough to do in FS without GPS and that aspect of flying in real life is easier than FS.

Now overall flying in real life is much more tough. There are so many things you have to look out for that I didnt even think about in FS.

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Consider, FS maps the whole world, I think Microsft did a great job. I don't think we can expect them to map individual factories and what not. True, its never going to be as realistic as real-world flying but I think its pretty darn close 😉

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I now have 6.6 hrs flight time, I hope you're enjoying your lessons as much as I am Doyley!

I made this post a while back, it doesn't contain much info but just my little opinion:

As for flight sim, it teaches you about the plane itself, rather then how to fly it. For example, my knowledge of FS meant that I knew what all the instruments do, how the plane flies and the basic controls. But then when it comes to flying the plane itself, that's a completely different story. The sensation of flight makes it slightly harder but much more interesting, unlike a Cessna on FS, if you pull the controls back hard in real life, you may as well say goodbye to your lunch! A really annoying thing that FS teaches you to do (incorrectly) is looking at you instruments much more than you should, as in a real plane you should spend 90% of your time looking outside, and 10% checking your instruments. Some things are also reversed, such as when climbing and descending you judge your rate of descent by your airspeed, rather than the VSI or AH/AI, which can be a pain as you have to anticipate what attitude to pitch the plane and then wait for the airspeed to settle down.

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I 100% agree with you jarred. Infact my instructor keeps covering the instruments on me as I use them too much.

Pilotwannabe, you are correct, Microsoft have done a great job and they cant map the terrain so it is like the real world, that is unfortunatly the problem. Maybe one day they will be able to map it like in the real world.

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i think really fs does act rather well as a training tool. i have been getting annoyed recently flying vfr through areas of the alps i know well - i can only judge where i'm going by the valley route i take but not ONE of the towns is even vaguely represented by single house - just trees 😞

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