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hey, i recently bought flight sim 2004, however when i try to install it goes fine upto disc 3 and there it says that maybe corrupt, so i browsed the cab file with winrar and found out that i need the files from MSGAME8.CAB\Scenery\Name\texture
my email address is [url][/url]

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dandan556 did you buy the game second hand or bran new? if its bran new take it back to the shop and ask them for a replacement disk, it might have scratches on it or faulty.

the files your requesting are around 234 meg in size, too large to email you

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If it's on disk #3 as you say, just put it into your CD caddy, go to "my computer" and click on your "D" drive. That will open up disk #3, then you can browse it and pick it off.

dandan556 Guest

i dont need the whole i just need somefiles inside it around 20mb thats all 😀 🙂

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