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I have both the Olsson USAF F-16 and the Israeli Air Force 2-seat version. The Israeli AF version is fine, but the 2-D cockpit in the USAF version shows the panel okay, but everything else, including the outside scenery is black. I went over the installation instructions a number of times, but I can't find where I screwed up. I suppose I could always alias to another panel, but I'd like to get it right.

Any ideas?

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Are you using Marciano's panel?

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If you are using an NVIDIA card update the drivers.
If you have an older card, go back to drivers before 7.14 (I believe was the number).
They have a nasty habit of blacking out panels.


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Glad you asked that question. It led me to look at things again and find my screw-up.

Funny how the question became the answer. Thanks.

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