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I recently bought a new computer to replace the outmoded clunker that I was using for a long time. After loading FS2004 into the new computer I found that I had a sound problem. I had engine, flaps, and gear sounds--but only in the cockpit view. After a lot of "tweeking" I finally had engine sounds in the "spot" view, like I had on my old clunker 'puter. But I did not have any ATC voices. Several posts on this forum mentioned "Realtek", and I discovered that my new computer had it.

I called up the "Realtek" control panel and proceeded to learn what all those icons represented. Well, I discovered that one of the icons on the panel was for "voice cancellation". I clicked on that icon and "sound waves" appeared next to the icon. So I said "wow" or something similar, and wondered if that was why I had no ATC voices. I started up FS2004 and "eureka" the problem was gone. I now have good ATC sound.

Since that was the problem on my own computer maybe others can solve their "no ATC" problem the same way. Go to the Realtek control panel and make sure that there are "sound waves" next to the "voice cancellation" symbol/icon. If there are no "sound waves" visible then click on the symbol. If "sound waves" appear you may have solved your ATC voice problem. 😛

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Umm... Never heard of it. Thanks for passing that tip along to those that have this on their machine. I don't!


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