Odd Screenshot...

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Who is this guy and why is he in the screenshot gallery

Dont Know

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I have notice it in an old post of mine too... Dont Know No further explanation...There is also another one with and older Mr....

Both in Screenshots twilight zone Ninja 😉

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Don´t now but he sacares me the hell.... 😳 . Damn, i do get scared. 🙄

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There's a few like that A man in his 40's and a kid with his head PhotoShopped on a body builders body.

Screenshots aren't judged as I've tried to tell people who complain that they're shot didn't make it, he (Flyaway) just posts what's in the folder.

Yes I agree that they should be deleted as well as many of the "comments".


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Wing-man First Officer

Obviously, some pics end up in galleries by mistake, which obviously is what has happend here. Although, this does'nt call for the comments that it has recieved, there not even funny, some sad sad people about. 🙄

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ya i saw that awile back. i was gunna post a comment then, but... na, wast of time! lol

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