Got somebody innocent in trouble today...:(

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A week ago, I was in Lowes home improvement store...I had a lot of things in my cart for my stupid new house, and went to check out. The clerk said they didn't have a military discount. I was all P/O'd, so I told him to unring it up and I'd go put everything back. So I went a couple of cashiers down, asked the girl there, and she agreed, no military discounts. So I put everything back, went to Home Depot, and got 10% off.

So I sent Lowes a letter, telling them how proud I was of the Home Depot for sponsoring the U.S. Team at the Olympics and sponsoring the Friday Night Fireworks at Turner Field(where the Braves Play). I told them that the only reason I shopped at Lowes was because they had a better layout to their stores, their customer service was better, and both stores had a 10% Military Discount...Now that Lowes doesn't have a discount, I will no longer shop at their store.

That was about a week ago.

Today I got a call from the store manager of my local Lowes, apparently one of the only Lowes in the country that has ever offered a Military Discount except on Memorial Day(they all do that day). He was really getting creamed by the Lowes upper management, telling him it was his fault that people thought that Lowes gave Military Discounts and in any way supported the country that made them so successful. He asked me to send him a copy of the letter because they won't share it with him. I didn't mention the store name in the letter, it didn't say that I was abandoning Lowes because they stopped giving a military discount, but that I didn't want to support a company that couldn't support it's country...

Please reconsider Lowes, the Home Depot will treat your country better (assuming you live in the U.S.A.), even if they won't treat you better.

Thank you.

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Funny you should mention that, I've never been to Lowes (yes we have them) but have shopped at HD for many years.
Whenever I need to do some work on my place they are at the top of my list.
Sometimes I think they have more of my money than I have. Now that I see that they are a company that "cares" I'll continue to shop there and avoid the other place.
By the way, I'm a nice guy also, when I was a small business owner (many many moons ago) I gave 10% off to all Police and Firefighters, they also do above and beyond tasks that most wouldn't think of doing.


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i don't do much hardware work.. but i will be sure to avoid lowes 😉

..hey.. i'm applying at home depot for a part-time summer job 😀
..if i get the job, i will give all the discounts i can.. i love my country!

oh btw.. im having a boycott of my own.. ever since i was fired for calling in sick.. i have not bought a single item from my local dunkin donuts. ..and it's not just the sick call.. the owners, and many of the managers, are as*holes to begin with, lol
(i was a good employee there for 6 months and was legitimately sick with a fever and everything ...correct me if i'm wrong, but... isn't it illegal to work with food if you're ill? lol)

oh well..
the less money they make, the happier i'll be 😀....
..perhaps i should apply at the new starbucks opening up in a month... just in spite of them Twisted Evil

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Someone told me once that Lowes treated its employees better than Home Depot. No idea if this is true, but that would be a bigger factor for me than a military discount (or lack thereof).

Don't get me wrong - I do believe that large companies should offer these discounts. Also to police, firefighters and, in recognition of the incredible work they do, to nurses and teachers as well.



Thats unlawful termination. Im 100% positive you would get some GOOD money from suing Dunkin Donuts. If what you are saying is true, thats completely illegal. Get in touch with a lawyer in your area immediately. Dont let people like that go free. Chances are it will happen to someone else again.

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Its probably partly why they did it. They're fairly confident a 17 year old (sorry if you aren't 17) won't attempt to sue a large company, so they think they can get away with what they want. The joys of child labour 😂

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